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It has been a long while since I wrote something for my blogs here, but it will still be some while before going on with it I must say. My apologies for that.

Yeah, I haven't found something yet, or rather found in the mean time some other things while at the same updating my website. It has now a lot of info that has been revised, especially in the section of thoughts, articles, quotes, as well as some editorials.

But what's most important is that the entire study of the Book of Esther has been completed and can be read over there when you would want to. It has a new updates section as well of Yisraeli news & Music in a new clothing.

So there is clearly a lot new on offer because all the thoughts minus the last two to this day have not only been revised, but are as good as completely new ones. The revised quotes are going gradually into the same direction as well.

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Tho that there is still quite some work to do, then it is progressing steadily and cautiously so to speak. Like many people would say: Haste is in such a work not in anyone's good interest, certainly not myself the student.

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What you will see in three of the blogs over there is everything that already have been updated on the website like quotes, thoughts and the fully done study of the Book of Esther. The only new blog is the one named Eretz Yisrael. On the website itself is there of course a lot more to wander around in.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Time to give revisions a chance for change

I know that it has been a long while since I wrote something new for this blog, even the Jewish-endeavor one. And my apologies for those who once in a while stopped over to read what became available. However, It will still take quite some time before I will renew my writings for both blogs, especially the Zohar one because I'm in the process of revising a lot of thoughts, written by myself, these days before moving on once again with what I was busy on, and it all takes a tremendous amount of time, and effort, to hopefully do it right, just, and with strength within.

So please, my sincere apologies for those who feel a bit puzzled about the entire situation. Still, it's my hope that you the reader can understand that I'm doing this all on my own together with a full time job. Okay, not so full, as I work a 4/5 shedule, meaning 4 weeks working and the fifth one on leave. Nevertheless, I somehow will perhaps also create some new blogs in the future on Blogger, which will solely take the revised content in full this time to you. Well, it's my understanding that blogs have at least a much better chance of staying online than an own free personal website, a little bit of some Mb space on the net that I pay for that is within the form of a subscription I have with my Internet provider.

And beside that, blogs do give readers a rather easier ease to comment on what a blogger does write, whereas it's my hope that you of course will do so unless you feel that it can only be read in silence that is with due respect. But we all do learn from the moment we are born till our last breath of air we inhale on this tiny spot within the immensity of the universe(s). And it can only be achieved through a sincere and honest interaction between people.

For now, don't be shy to keep stopping over once in a while, and read anew some of the content available, or just visit the website at: if you can't wait, and feel the need to read what has also already been revised within the section of thoughts and quotes.

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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Comprising all colours..

(Pritzker edition of the Zohar, Vol 1 page 113 – 114)

Before moving on with this section, I want to return for one brief moment to the matter of Alpha and Omega within the Christian interpretation. Previously I wrote that it, and even Islam, would come to an end. So let me explain a bit further on it. And then, let’s think about it more thoroughly and look for missing clues knowing that it (Alpha and Omega) means the beginning and the end, that it begins with and that it will end with. Thus no matter the differences of being against or for Christianity, the revelation does stay the same from every angle we can look at it, even from a corruptive religious word. Therefore, let’s, theoretically/fictively that is, assume that the Christian messianic version will return, which means the same for Islam, as this religion could not have emerged if there had been no Christianity in the first place. Both are intertwined very closely with each other, even when at odds with each other (hate-love relation). If one ends, the other one will do so as well, but not Torah as it has no end because, as written within the holy Hebrew language, the words of the Hebrew alphabet do amplify its content within beyond its very own reality, meaning beyond just individual letters and even vowels. Therefore, when the person Jesus would return as they claim, then this will be Omega, his first appearance being Alpha. And to understand it even better, try not to betray yourself because the bottom line of this person’s message was not the salvation through him, rather through Torah. It’s a detail, but nevertheless a very important one that is to be accounted for within a thorough analysis of the matter in question. As a result, we may fairly state that from the very first word/action he has uttered/done (Alpha) to the last one (Omega), when it all would become ‘fulfilled’ based on the Christian word that is, his message will end, everything that is. And what will be left?, then only Torah, the very source of Judaism!

The lesson behind the Christian word is thus very simple because through him, and thus even Mohammad, no one can acquire the everlasting salvation, but through Torah everyone can, as our very own Hebrew/Jewish prophets so well taught us. Even the Zohar does let us become immersed into this supernal message from our prophets, a brilliance, and a light that waits to become radiated to all corners of the Earth, even beyond. As such, both groups can start to behave within, or towards, an apocalyptic lifestyle due to this hidden truth/reality to many of them, resulting in hatred/rebellion against everything and/or everyone that would reflect that picture in their mirror of life. Or, many to all can start trying to accept this light within them and see, absorb and become enlightened, even a Tsaddiq, a Noahide alike within their world. But, let neither Christians nor Muslims try to pull His people away from the very Torah (Judaism) that means their salvation as well everlasting. Now, some will perhaps argue that it’s thus true that you can only become salvaged through Jesus. Then I say and state very clearly: Not at all because only through Moshe is it possible, or rather, and much more correct/just, through G-d, His Torah, meaning the unison of the supernal, oral and written one as the Zohar explains. It all returns to the Torah because without it, nothing could become revealed what would last an eternity, having neither alpha nor omega anymore. Hence, without it, there would have been even no beginning, no primordial point to study about. As a conclusion, I would want to use towards every generation the same words as Moshe once spoke to the Egyptian Pharaoh: ‘Let my people go praying to their G-d.’ Let them pray to Him always, and yes, even on the soil He had prepared for them the way He has transmitted it to the world entire. It’s no crime. It’s no oppression, even no apartheid. It’s a blessing, a righteous deed to do so, to support with all your heart (body), mind and soul, even as a gentile to this particular matter, and this everlasting!

Thus, that being said, let’s now focus our attention to the real work of the day so to speak. And doing so, we as a result will bump into the message that radiance (Zohar) does comprise all colours in this way, till here. It refers to three rungs, a triad alike. But, even as it could seem a mystery to many, it’s not so when we would have looked at the upper sefirot more closely. After all, we do have a trinity when combining Keter, Hokhmah and Binah together. Still, the text speaks about YHVH Eloheinu YHVH, YHVH our G-d, YHVH. It are three rungs corresponding to the supernal mystery as is written. Nevertheless, every triad in its likeness like also Ehyeh asher ehyeh has the same credentials, meaning that they symbolize the three upper sefirot as it would seem. But if we look at it in this context, then we obviously will never become immersed within the world of G-d here in our world below as it speaks of three rungs and not just one. For that thus to happen, the world above must become equal to the world below, meaning that our world has to radiate the same light as the one above, or what is happening here is the same above. Or also in that Man is being given his Chava (=soul). It means that whatever does occur in a set time based on this, it has been written above, both worlds living in a kind of synchronisation with each other so that the supernal mystery, or supernal Torah, can gradually become revealed, the hidden (Chava to Ein Sof) becomes known, not veiled anymore. Therefore, we have beside the triad of Keter, Hokhmah and Binah (the Crown) also the triad of Binah, Hokhmah and Tif’eret, not a triad of the three rungs as it represents the Crown while Tif’eret with its Beauty/Compassion becomes the sefirah that will help Shekhinah to become part of these expressions of trinity as well. In her case this would mean the emergence of the triad Hokhmah, Tif’eret and Yesod (Foundation/Tsaddiq/Righteous One). And this trinity will be referenced as the triad of Wisdom because you can’t bring Malkhut (Shekhinah) into the realm of Ein Sof, of its Creator without having a solid foundation first.

In that kind of emphasis, we have thus three triads, three trinities with one serving the others. But there is still one left at this moment, namely the one that will reveal Understanding towards Power/Judgment (the sefirah Gevurah), as neither Crown nor Wisdom alone can truly create other worlds when no one comprehends what the Crown (Keter) and the Wisdom (Hokhmah) wants, Ein Sof being their Creator. But once it does, it can expand. It can become be-reshit bara Elohim whereas be-reshit stands for the primordial point Hokhmah, bara for the concealed one Keter (concealed, veiled behind nothingness, Keter the one who conceals, Keter a nothingness, but not really that empty), and Elohim being Binah, the sefirah who gives birth to the lower seven sefirot. This means the creation of the triad Gevurah (Power/Judgment), Hesed (Love/Greatness) and Tif’eret. True, I am a bit deviating from what Daniel C. Matt explains. But, let’s recapitulate so that everything can become hopefully a bit clearer to you. And then, we have learnt that Keter hides Ein Sof through its nothingness, or what is perceived as such. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it is as it is. After all, it’s veiled! Still, it’s by filling that nothingness with a thought, a spark that the primordial point/beginning, or Hokhmah becomes created. Through this point Binah, referred to as Understanding beside being also Palace and Womb, the lower sefirot became born. So now we have one triad, a unison. Whatever happens in one is the same in the other. All three are an oneness to this regard. Ein Sof did let his thought/spark be known as wisdom through Keter as well as Hokhmah, and Binah became as such immersed within this same wisdom, understanding its blessings as it all emerged out of goodness. At that moment, she became in the ability to conceive and give birth. And, we may neither forget that these things were not veiled to them, only to us, to man, even man below Malkhut (Shekhinah).

Now we have thus one element of the puzzle revealed. Therefore, let’s move on to the next stage. And here we arrive at the triad of Binah, Hokhmah and Tif’eret representing the one I just wrote about, not one of the three rungs the Zohar is mentioning. This triad will serve as a kind of transmitter serving the well being of all other triads, every triad being an oneness on itself while all triads do form one as a whole as well with Ein Sof. It’s like cells dividing themselves into more cells, but still kept together in unison do form an oneness with the body. As such, Binah as being the womb can channel her energy to Tif’eret. And Tif’eret can bring this same energy on its turn towards and into the other triads like Gevurah, Hesed and Tif’eret as well as Hokhmah, Tif’eret and Yesod. Through Binah became Tif’eret taught in understanding Ein Sof, even His Wisdom, and why it is that Keter kept Him concealed. Out of this, Gevurah (Power/Judgment) could become a judge. Now, rules can become applied and man can judge himself and others with it because he can understand their purpose and the wisdom that lies behind them. Nevertheless, no one can judge within a righteous manner without the ability to love (Hesed) nor without compassion (Tif’eret). The creation of the triad of Gevurah, Hesed and Tif’eret becomes as such a fact, a reality. And as mentioned above, you can’t have a solid world without a proper foundation too. Therefore, before Tif’eret can channel its radiance to Shekhinah so that she can reign over the lower worlds, just as Binah does so over the lower sefirot, Shekhinah included, Shekhinah being Binah’s daughter. To this we may neither forget that Gevurah is Binah’s son, and all three together are also called Elohim, as they are an image of Ein Sof, meaning that they have the ability to create. These three are on themselves a triad as well, a hidden one as it in an oneness will create Adom, the Kingdom of G-d on Earth as well as Assembly of Yisrael. But before this all, before Malkhut can become born, before Binah’s daughter comes to the forefront for the lower worlds, all the other nine sefirot have to work in tandem superbly. Yes, before Shekhinah can reign over the lower worlds, she must have the power, the wisdom and the understanding of everything so that the Adom that would become created could truly emerge into the world of man as a human being in His likeness, an oneness that is, et ha-shamayim, the heavens, not separated, just male and female as one.

Later on, we will have a few other triads as well, some who you maybe will have noticed yourself already when in the possession of the Pritzker Edition or seen somewhere else (the picture of the ten sefirot). But let’s focus our attention for the moment on this part of the Zohar. Let’s not run too far ahead. Let’s see what it can tell us that could amplify what has been explained till now. And in that light, we come to learn about the creation of new words like attah, you, a word given to expand the one of Shekhinah with. This word has been taken from et, et representing Shekhinah, and the last letter of YHVH. The letter ה (he) was added to את (et) and it became written אתה (attah), you. Shekhinah was given more strength, more power so to speak, to create a fresh breath of air into man’s lungs, making him truly become reborn again when the time of this endeavor would become fulfilled. But through the creation of attah with that one single letter of all letters of the alphabet, other new words will eventually become created as well. Remember that et does symbolize the beginning of the Hebrew alphabet as well as the end of it. So, as a result, as the Zohar states, all these letters would be combined with he (ה), and it formed now the word attah. As a result, we have Ve-Attah (ואתה), And You, enliven them all. You will be able to give man a new horizon so that he will live again once the time is right. You will bring meaning to his life, expression, essence and above all depth. The Mystery of Adonai, L-rd, becomes slightly revealed within the supernal mystery behind Tif’eret. ואת (Ve-et) also being known as the oneness, male and female, resembling the oneness of ויהוה (va-YHVH), and all is one, just as Gevurah and Binah do, creating one single body.

The entire mystery behind the sefirot, its triads, behind every single sefirah has been engraved, fashioned, vivified in hidden ways, through the opening verse of the Torah. Now it could start generating souls. And in that light, remember that it is written that we may not eat the blood as every living creature where through blood is flowing has a soul. Therefore, as the stage was set, its blueprint on the table, the earth could bring forth its fruit and verdure. And it is embraced at three sites within the realm of the ten sefirot, namely with Shekhinah for the below, Binah for the above and Tif’eret for the middle, or cosmos, revealing that the unison of Shekhinah and Tif’eret is of utmost importance to the well being of the cosmos, meaning order and not chaos. Still, the blueprint was there, and from here on a new word saw the light, namely bara, created from splitting Bereshit into two (Be-reshit, בראשית), being read as ברא שית (bara shit), ‘created six’. Ein Sof’s thought/idea that first created a point in Keter’s nothingness becoming a primordial point or Hokhmah, understood by Binah so that she could give birth to the lower sefirot and as such Shekhinah to the lower worlds became now ready to expand itself from one end of heaven to the other in six directions, namely north, south, east, west, up and down symbolizing the six lower sefirot Gevurah, Hesed, Netsah, Yesod, Hod, and within the center Tif’eret also referred to as supernal mystery coordinating everything. So, through this new word bara (shit), we come to reveal the importance that Ein Sof did emphasized on the creation of a very solid foundation before that Binah would eventually give birth to Malkhut (Shekhinah). It started with the primordial point out of Keter and now we arrive at the point of creation, an expansion of that first one. And with the creation of the opening verse of the Torah, the forty-two letters became formed, a name with a mystery, the blueprint of what was to become, an oneness, even Ein Sof.